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Advertising Rate Card is an advertising opportunity that can fit any budget. 
We are committed to providing the most comprehensive site on local events and activities. Some of our regular event posters include:
  • Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center
  • Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
  • Wenatchee Valley College
  • YWCA
  • YMCA
  • Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery
  • Methow Valley Community Center
  • Wenatchee Applesox
  • Barn Beach Reserve
  • Icicle Creek Music Center
  • A Book for All Seasons
  • Numerous local religious, clubs, and community organizations.
We want to get the word out about local events and our user-base is growing each month.
It is time to take advantage of this opportunity and get your message out with a high-quality, full-color banner ad on  We have several options to choose from to fit any budget. The following our some of our more common options. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Random Banners

Banners ads are the best way to get the most exposure on our site in a cost-effective and flexible manner. The banner ads will appear randomly through our site with the page placement or zone of your choice. We have three zones for banner ad placement. 
Image Size
Monthly Cost**
Zone 1
300 x 180
 $149.95  $99.00
Zone 2
150 x 180
$79.95  $59.95
Zone 3*
300 x 180
$99.95  $59.95
Zone 3*
150 x 180
$49.95  $34.95
Zone 3*
60 x 180
$39.95  $19.95
*The image size for Zone 3 is flexible to meet your needs the only requirement we have is that the image is 180 pixels wide. Smaller images are more economical, but taller images provide more room for your message, the choice is yours.  Our pricing offers sized between 60 pixels high up to 300 pixels high. Contact us if you have other needs.

**Limited time special pricing, three-month commitment required.
The following list details each of these zones.
  • Zone 1:  Provides a fixed image size of 300 X 180 with the best exposure at the top of the page through-out our site.  You will share this space with a small handful of other clients providing you with optimal exposure while keeping our page with a fresh look.
  • Zone 2:  Provides a fixed image size of 150 X 180 positioned right below our Zone 1 ads giving optimal exposure in most web browsers with common screen resolutions, while lowering overall cost with a smaller image and slightly lower placement.
  • Zone 3:  This is our assortment of advertisements.  Here we allow any size image less then 300 pixels high.  Simply, smaller images cost less while larger images deliver more information.  In this area we can provide very cost effective campaigns for any clients needs. Weekly Event Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter featuring all events for the next 7 to 10-days goes out to over 1100 email subscribers each Wednesday morning, and we are gaining new subscribers everyday. Our available ad sizes are 300 X 180 and 150 X 180.  These ads are competitively priced and provide a great opportunity to get your message in-front of hundreds of consumers in a timely manner.  Space is limited and page placement is based on first-come first-service, so contact our sales coordinator soon to lock in your spot.
  • 300 x 180 - $69.95 $34.95 per Weekly Newsletter Edition
  • 150 x 180 - $39.95 $19.95 per Weekly Newsletter Edition

Page-Specific Sponsorship

Be a part of with a co-branded page sponsorship. We can brand our search dialog at the top of any page in our site with your logo and message.  This presents you with a unique opportunity to get top advertising placement on specific pages or site-wide. Co-branded pages start at $225.00. Our co-branded pages are a great way to place you front-and-center. We have many opportunities available, contact our sales coordinator today!

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